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Keryflex Nail Restoration
Keryflex is a new cosmetic procedure that uses polymer resins and special activators to create a durable, yet flexible, nonporous artificial nail when exposed to a certain frequency of ultraviolet light.  The procedure time averages 10-15 minutes for steps 2-4 depending on the patient.  After the patient's first Keryflex treatment, the normal overlay time is about 6-8 weeks until the patient is due back for a second treatment.  The special activators found in the Keryflex resin allow our patients to apply nail polish, such as Dr.'s Remedy, without disrupting the nail growth.  After 6-8 weeks with Keryflex applied, the patient will be able to see a natural, healthy looking nail.  Because this is a cosmetic procedure, Keryflex does NOT treat onychomycosis or other related nail disorders.
Debridement of the fungal toenails
Step 2A:  Application of the Keryflex bond.  Step 2B:  Application of resin forming the shape of a natural nail.
Cured under UV light for 2 minutes to harden the resin.
Keryflex restoration is now complete!
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Before & After
Watch the video below to view procedure
Step 4
Filing of the toenail and final buffing to smooth rough edges.