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All of our products sold are podiatrist approved for healthy and happy feet!
Pumi Foot File

The double sided foot filer is used to remove dry skin, calluses and corns from feet.  Made with authentic Pumice, simply wet and apply soap to the colored side while gently massaging away tired feet.  Use the black side to file away dead skin when on the go.

$8.00 USD  
Tineacide Anti fungal Cream

This #1 doctor recommended non-prescription antifungal treatment contains ingredients formulated to kill fungus, soften hard/brittle nails, and drive components deep into subungual tissue in order to penetrate the infected area.

$16.00 USD
Kera-42 Cream

Kera-42 Cream is a safe, effective, medical strength, moisturizing urea-based formulation used specifically for calloused, rough, dry skin. Kera-42 Cream exfoliates dead skin cells with its mixture of tea tree oil, aloe and antioxidants while restoring moisture for healthy skin.  Simply apply to dry feet after every shower for best results.

$34.00 USD
Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks

Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks effortlessly soothe and rehydrate dry, rough feet from heel to toe.  Their patented gel lining is enriched with vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to restore skin's soft and supple appearance.  Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks are hypoallergenic, washable and reusable.  Slide on Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks for at least 20 minutes each day or as often as needed.  For enhanced results, wash feet with warm, not hot, water and gently massage a cream or ointment into problem areas before wearing socks.​

$30.00 USD

Clean Sweep Shoe Spray

Clean Sweep is an all natural spray that kills fungal spores, bacteria and mold found inside your shoes.  Patient perspiration activates the antimicrobial shield of Clean Sweep, releasing silver ions which eliminate odor-causing bacteria, fungus and mold.  For patients with fungal toenails, we recommend spraying in all closed toe shoes to prevent re-infection.

$15.00 USD
Foot Miracle Therapeutic Cream

This practitioner strength therapeutic cream has a unique deep penetrating formula for callused, dry, rough feet.  With its neutral scent, Foot Miracle will keep your feet feeling silky-smooth.  

$10.00 USD
*Due to high demand, we are only able to ship products on Fridays.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Foot Gym

The Foot Gym is an all-in-one device that offers 7 different foot exercises to help strengthen the muscles and prevent pain.  We recommend using this device to treat plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and general foot aches. The device comes with three levels of resistance bands, a removable massage roller that can be cooled or heated and an angled platform to stretch the muscles.

$59.99 USD